On a Wednesday, in a cafe, I watched it begin again…

If you’re a Taylor Swift fan, you know the lyrics from her song, Begin Again. Except for me, it was about cats. It has been an amazing journey with a slight pause in between. Over the last few years, not a week has gone by that I didn’t get at least one phone call, text or Email asking me for advice about cats and wondering when I would be getting back in the cat business. Admittedly, for a short time I resisted, but the honeymoon phase of a so called “retirement” wore off quickly. When Covid hit, it was a time of reflection for many, myself included. I started pondering the idea of starting another cat business. I knew that the only way I could make it work was if I actually purchased a commercial property and started from scratch. I spent over a year looking and just couldn’t find the right location. As it turns out, finding a commercial building that is in a really nice part of town with massive windows for the cats AND zoned for animals proved to be quite a task. As Summer came to a close in 2021, I decided that if I didn’t find a feline suitable location by the holidays, I would give up on the idea. It was important to me to actually own the building, as we all know, leasing a building can be quite unpredictable and I knew I would want to put a lot of money into it to make it the best possible environment for the cats. Then shortly before Thanksgiving, it happened. The stars aligned……kismet! The escrow process went smoothly and then the real work began. So many challenges from the moment I got the key. While each challenge was daunting, doors opened quickly with solutions. Sitting here, the evening before the official announcement, I look around at all the tasks yet to be completed. I think of all the blood, sweat and tears that has gone in to each and every detail to bring all of the thoughts in my imagination to reality. My team has worked tirelessly to bring it all to fruition. Soon, the tools will all be gone, the phone will begin to ring and the sounds of purrs will fill the air. Whether you already know me or are about to, I hope you’ll join me on this journey……as I watch it begin again. ~Susan 6/9/22

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