Post Travel Tips For Your Cat

Whether you travel frequently or just now and then, we all spend a lot of time preparing for our trips.  Most people with cats often have a checklist to prepare their cat for their trip to our boarding resort, but did you know that post travel plans are important as well?  With a little planning, your cat will easily transition from home to boarding and then back home again!
At our feline exclusive resort, we have a process to help your cat settle in quickly and the same is needed after your trip.  When you arrive home, place the carrier on the floor and open the door.  Allow your cat to have a few minutes to take in the surroundings from inside the carrier.  Go about your routine and let your cat come out of the carrier at their own pace.  Be sure to keep the environment calm and quiet for a few hours, as your cat will be used to the relaxing sounds and calm environment of The Cat Chalet.  Your cat may hide after leaving the carrier and that is very normal for a day or two as they adjust to being home again.  Once your cat becomes accustomed to their travels to The Cat Chalet, they will transition back home right away and oftentimes they will need no time at all to go back to their home routine.  
Additionally, it’s important to clean your cat’s bowls before their first meal home.  Throw out any stale food remaining in food bowls and put them in the dishwasher or wash with dish soap and water.  It is best to use glass or stainless steel for food and water bowls.  Plastic bowls, or other porous materials, can easily harbor bacteria. 

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